Scuffs and scratches on your motorbike is inevitable.

Unless you’re a Ducati owner and ride once a month on a sunny day (sorry, not sorry).

I recently discovered the magic of CRC Paint Doctor

Image result for crc paint doctor

With a bit of elbow grease, this magic liquid removed some horrible marks from my motorcycle plastics. It also gets rid of gunk that may not come off by washing alone.

Have a look for yourself. Click the images to see them in their full glory.

As you can see above, the plastics were scuffed constantly by my boot. The marks would not come off at all when I used a sponge and a cloth with washing liquid. Paint doctor took it off like it was nothing!

Before and after of my side panel, scuffed up from my boots and gear. Again, this would not come off otherwise with any other cleaning method, at best I could break up the lines and it’d make a black smudge instead:

Lastly the front wings, the black smudging made it look as though the plastic had degraded and gave it a matte appearance. The paint doctor soon saw to that!

So there you have it. CRC Paint Doctor, the magic liquid. I didn’t even use much to clean all my plastics. A bottle should last over a year’s worth of cleaning for sure.


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