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The riders’ corner pocketbook allows you to store all your suspension and setups for multiple motorbikes along with service history. There is also a handy suspension and tyre tuning guide. All in one small phone app!


Why I developed the Riders’ Corner Motorcycle Suspension Pocketbook

We’ve all been there. Staring at your bike after hard ride trying to figure out what your tyre wear is telling you or why the bike felt a bit weird through a particular corner. At the race track or on the road, any serious rider will still wonder the same thing. The problem is, there is so much going on with suspension and tyres on a motorcycle that you can’t possibly remember what to tune and adjust to improve your ride! Add to that the fact where most of the good roads are or even the best race tracks can sometimes have very poor internet connectivity, so a quick google isn’t always easy! I encountered this situation one too many times, which is what led to me to develop this android app.

Why you need this app if you’re a serious rider

The pocketbook has a handy section for suspension troubleshooting which allows you to troubleshoot by how the bike feels when you ride it or by how different suspension adjustments can affect your ride. There is another section which lets you quickly compare your tyre wear to what’s on screen and decide how best to improve your tyre wear for maximum grip and road feel.

The icing on the cake with this motorcycle pocketbook android application is the pocketbook itself. You can store any number of motorcycles (let’s face it, who has just one bike!) and under each motorcycle, you can store many setting profiles. This means your road/track bike can now have settings you have for those weekend rides and another record of settings you have for track days. For others, such as dedicated track day riders and racers, this can mean you store profiles for each race-track you attend. There is also a notes section for each bike which will allow you to store your service history and any other notes you normally keep about your pride and joy.
Never carry a pen and paper again! Everything you need is on your phone!

I plan to keep this app 100% ad free and it will never need an internet connection to function correctly. I’ve priced it at less than a cup of coffee to help me pay to develop more apps in the future.

So what are you waiting for, check it out!

Download the Android app here!

Download the iOS (Apple) app here!





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