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  • The R1 gets a more MotoGP-inspired styling makeover with new screen and fairing that integrates straight into the tank, promising a 5.3% increase in aerodynamic efficiency and greater comfort for a broader range of riders.
  • Alongside improved aero, there is also greater fairing rigidity, thanks to an aluminium air duct behind the front section, as well as titanium lower panelling covering the exhaust. This is coupled with new LED headlights which help give the bike a more aggressive stance. Both the R1 and R1M will also feature an aluminium fuel tank and aluminium wheels, too.
  • The R1M will have carbon fibre front fairings, magnesium wheels and magnesium rear subframe.
  • R1M has a titanium lower fairing cover!
  • The engine remains as a 998cc Crossplane setup but with finger-follower rocker arms and new cam lobes for more stable valve operation at higher revs.
  • Improved ride by wire throttle.
  • Reworked exhaust system to pass emissions and reduce noise (lame!)
  • Standard R1 will have a 43mm KYB fork with revised steering damper and rear shock settings while the R1M will have Öhlins with electronics built in for anti-cavitation. Rear shock on the R1M will also be electronic with modified preload settings.
  • Standard R1 will come with cornering ABS and the six-axis IMU.
  • 3 modes of adjustable engine braking.
  • Updated launch control which activates at 9k RPM.
  • New Y-Trac app for your phone to communicate with the bike and gather data, change settings (fancy!)

2020 Yamaha R1

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