Jonathan rides his Suzuki Hayabusa all around New Zealand. Read on to learn a little bit about him. I decided to leave the article as written in Jonathan’s own words because I feel each story written by a rider has their personality behind it as they write it. You get a feel for what the rider is like. Enjoy!

Selfie around South Raglan

I’ve been in New Zealand for 5 years and have been biking for 3 years now. I’d never shown any real interest in bikes until I got on one though. Back in the UK, and when I arrived in New Zealand, classic cars were my thing – three 1970s Triumphs over the years.

I booked a trip to Vietmam and knew I’d want to ride there so booked a lesson. One lesson later, I was hooked. I then met a girl with a Ninja. Vietnam was awesome on my 107cc copied Honda Win. When I got back, the girlfriend was gone but I knew bikes were my thing. I started with a Suzuki GSX250 – a fantastic machine that took me to Wellington and back, round the Coromandel and a fair few other rides.

Forgotten World Highway

I quickly got bored, got drunk and bought a GSXR-1000 on trademe. Loved the bike, even if the night ride back from Stratford up SH3 was a hell of an education! That bike was great and took me all over the North Island. I went the length of 90 mile beach (including the Te Paki stream), round the Coromandel, Forgotten World Highway, Wellington and all of the back roads in between.



Anaura Bay, East Cape (about 3km past the sign that says “incredibly unstable cliff face, do not pass, access to property only”)


Sadly, a lane-changer on the Auckland motorway wiped me out and wrote off the bike. Shame. It had a power commander, Yoshi muffler, was comfortable on long rides and did over 150 in first gear. Somehow, I never got a ticket – just a warning when I was “too fast to get a radar lock”.


Drone photo in Pomarangai (way out in the sticks, south of Waitomo)


A difficult search for a replacement eventually put me on a Hayabusa (just to have a go). I never expected to buy one but did – I love it. It is fast, comfortable, beautiful analogue dash, ugly bike (but hey – I’m riding, not looking) and actually corners and lanesplits like a breeze.


East Cape to lighthouse

A week after I got it, a taxi knocked it over while parked and I got to upgrade the exhaust to Yoshimura Tri-Ovals – many thanks Vero. It sounds incredible and it rides perfectly. I love the way it can go from as chilled as a sloth to a bullet with half a turn on the throttle. I’ve kept up my road tripping, much of the last year with a pillion. Unfortunately, on the way back from Rotorua, I got caught and lost my license. I still did over 20’000km in the 8months I was licensed!





My only complaint, ABS isn’t great on gravel. It keeps releasing the brakes once you’re trying to stop from about 10kph. I commented to Suzuki. They sked why I bought a Hayabusa if I planned on riding on gravel?





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