Every now and then, engineers come out with big breakthroughs in the motorcycling world. This Taurus could well be the next big thing for the military and those who want to get out and ride off road without the hassle of lugging around a dirt bike and a trailer.

The Taurus is a 2×2 all terrain motorcycle that weighs 47-74 kilograms depending on which version you choose. The heavier Taurus has heavier duty tyres and produces more power. Both vehicles have a three-speed transmission, top speed of 37mph and fuel efficiency of 1.2l/hour. In its concept stage, the bike is estimated to cost just under USD$1000. Not bad!

The bike is capable of traversing all kinds of terrain






If you do get stuck, it is light enough for a fit person to pick up and move around



The engine appears to be capable of producing some decent torque too!


At the end of it all, the bike dismantles easily and can be packed away into a small car.


Here is the bike in action, the video where the screenshots above came from:



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