Another “Must Do” route for all seasoned riders is the Raglan Ride via State Highway 22. This ride should be done early in the morning around 9am and by the time you’ve had lunch and Raglan and reach Auckland it’ll be close to 5pm in most cases! The road is definitely a test of your riding skill whether you ride quick or not. A few corners are right down to 15kph (recommended) with plenty of moss and debris to keep you on your toes during the colder months. I’m yet to see a cop whilst on this ride and I’ve done it a dozen times. Outright speed is never the goal though! Getting that perfect line through each corner is!

Here is the route:

raglan ride

Some pictures when we stop on the way there and back:

Probably the most fun I’ve had riding Raglan was on this beast –


Group rides are always the best!


Lunch with friends down at Raglan, if pricey food isn’t your thing there is an awesome bakery you can check out.



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