Motorcycle Suspension Pocketbook App

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The riders’ corner pocketbook allows you to store all your suspension and setups for multiple motorbikes along with service history. There is also a handy suspension and tyre tuning guide. All in one small phone app!


Download the Android app here!

Download the iOS (Apple) app here!

100% Ad Free, offline and no dodgy permissions business!

The Riders Corner suspension and tyre pocket book is all you will need for your motorcycling track day or weekend ride. Don’t bother hunting through website after website and hundreds of youtube videos just to find the right answers! Everything is now right here in your pocket.

With the ability of the app to operate without any internet connection at all, you can rest assured the handy guide will always work even when you’re out hitting those awesome twisty roads in the countryside and stop to fine-tune your suspension.


A handy personalised logbook also helps you keep track of multiple motorbikes (who has just one bike?!) and multiple setting profiles for each bike. This means your bike which is used on the road and for track days can have different settings for each scenario stored away! Capture tyre pressures, suspension settings, heights, sag and even service history!

There is a thorough troubleshooting guide allowing the user to troubleshoot their suspension issues by either describing how the motorbike feels to ride or by checking how the motorbike may feel if suspension settings are not quite right.

Lastly, there is a handy guide to troubleshooting your tyre wear with tips and tricks on how to tune your suspension to get perfect tyre wear and zoom-able tyre-wear pictures to help troubleshoot your exact issue.

Your one off purchase will help keep the app 100% ad free forever and help me develop more and more features that you request from the app, plus help develop other riding-related apps.

Support a fellow rider and I will support you!

Download the Android app here!

Download the iOS (Apple) app here!


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