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This listing is for two 1L bottles of 2 stroke racing oil.

Eni i-Ride racing 2T is a top synthetic lubricant, specifically developed for 2 stroke motorcycle engines. Its excellent performances make it suitable to the most stressed 2 stroke engines, either air or liquid cooled.

This oil is made for use in your 2 stroke dirt bike motor such as the YZ, CR, RM series. Suitable to be premixed with fuel. The special formulation gives you peace of mind that your engine is receiving the best lubrication possible. It can also be used in 2 stroke scooters.

  • The peculiar formulation of Eni i-Ride racing 2T guarantees the best engine protection, reducing wear and deposits formation even in the most extreme driving conditions.
  • The product is formulated with innovative additives to ensure high efficiency for a long service time of catalyst exhaust systems.
  • Eni i-Ride racing 2T reduces exhaust smoke and the formation of deposits inside exhaust system, ensuring the original performances to the engine.



Product datasheet here


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