I-Ride Moto 15W-50


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This oil is suitable for most road going motorcycles and dirt bikes requiring a JASO MA oil with a 15w-50 weight and can be used for applications such as KTMs requiring Motorex 15w-50.

Eni i-Ride moto 15W-50 is a lubricant formulated with high quality bases designed for 4-stroke engines of the latest generation.

Eni i-Ride moto15W-50 is a superior quality product specifically designed to meet the
highest performance levels.

• The special additivation of Eni i-Ride moto 15W-50 is able to ensure perfect lubrication of
the engine in any driving condition.

• The perfect balance between the additives used in the formulation ensures maximum
protection and engine life, optimizing clutch and gear performance.



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