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This oil is suitable for almost all road going motorcycle engines and works with a wet clutch system. If you are after a motorcycle oil that suits anything from your low displacement LAMS bike right through to a road-going sportsbike or superbike, this is the go-to oil.

Eni i-Ride moto 10W-40 is a synthetic technology lubricant, designed for the latest 4-stroke motorcycle engines. It is a product of superior quality expressly formulated to meet high performance levels.

  • The exclusive formulation of Eni i-Ride moto 10W-40 allows to withstand the strongest stresses that motorcycle motors are subjected to.
  • The particular additives used in the formulation allows to ensure perfect lubrication of the engine in all operating conditions.
  • The perfect balance between the additives used guarantees maximum engine protection and durability, optimizing gearbox protection.
  • The performance of oil immersed clutches is maintained optimally and consistently overtime.

Specifications and Approvals:

  • API SL

Data sheet here


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