Japanese Motorcycle Engine Code Scan and Reset

Modern (~2015 onwards) Japanese motorcycles such as Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki cannot have their Check Engine light reset simply by power cycling the motorcycle or resolving the issue and then riding for a fixed mileage until the error clears itself. Even if you fix the issue, the light will remain on until the bike is taken to a dealer who will plug in their scan tool and reset the code to remove the Check Engine light. You can also fail a New Zealand Warrant of Fitness (WOF) if the light is on.

The problem is, to simply plug the tool in will cost you at least $60 in most dealerships and there is no guarantee that the light will be removed, additional, you may sometimes pay extra to find out what caused the error.

My service is simple – One fixed price, No fix, no fee, all info I gather will be given to you.
I will read any and all engine codes that are showing on your motorcycle, I will give you a record of the codes so you know what needs fixing or what parts to order and I can clear the codes so your engine light goes away.

This service is particularly useful if you have a modern ~2015+ bike such as an YZF-R3, YZF-R1, YZF-R6, MT-03, MT-09, MT-10, Ninja 636, GSXR, CBR.

The older generation bikes can have their check engine lights simply reset by fixing the issue and power cycling or riding the bike until the self-check function resets the light. If your bike does this, you don’t need my service.

If your check engine light doesn’t go away or you’re tearing your hair out trying to troubleshoot your bike, let’s talk!