Riding near horses or trailers carrying horses. Could be on the motorway in traffic or when you’re out riding on country roads. What do you do, if anything?
Many times during my commute I pass horse floats. I tend to pull my clutch in and roll past the float and then slowly and smoothly let the clutch out so as not to make any abrupt noises. This all sounds very “extra” but it takes no real effort at all.
When I’m out riding in the wops, I sometimes see riders on horses. I have on multiple occasions turned my bike off and rolled past them before turning it back on and riding away. This is because nearly every time from memory when I’ve encountered a horse, I’ve been on a bike with a loud exhaust.
I don’t really know if all this is necessary, but it’s just something I do because I would hate to spook the animal and cause some sort of incident.
Maybe horse owners can chime in here and let me know!

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